War of Kings Tournament

Hello Everyone,

As you know the War of Kings Scotch triples tournament will be taking place this Friday@6pm through to Sunday (Semi-finals & Finals). A few things to be aware of:

  • Everyone will be playing Friday evening beginning at 7pm or 9:30pm unless tables become available earlier
  • We will be doing the draw on Thursday evening and you will be notified of your start time thereafter
  • The calcutta will begin at 6pm followed by a short captain’s meeting for the 7:00 start and then again for 9:30 start
  • If possible, we will start earlier (would like to start 9:30 matches ASAP if 7pm matches finish early)
  • For 9:30 matches, please arrive by 8:30 if possible for practice and early start

Tournament Rules:

  • Game is Scotch Triples 8-ball in case you forgot
  • Play will be governed by the standardized BCA (CSI) rules
  • Any player may start each game, but you must follow the order throughout the entire match (For team ABC, If player C starts for example, player A must follow, and then player B)
  • There will be NO 3 consecutive foul rule (You foul, I foul, you foul)
  • Lag for first beak, then alternate break thereafter
  • Handicapping is Fairmatch R11 HOT on the Fargo App (Both teams are responsible for verifying the handicap – Please refer to registered team fargo numbers on the tournament spreadsheet which will be sent Friday night after the Calcutta)
  • If there are any disputes, please ask Colin (commentator) to resolve. There will be no physical altercations or abusive behavior permitted at any time during the tournament. You will be banned from the venue, and any future events.
  • If you require a referee, please have someone slow motion record the shot or have a neutral team watch the shot
  • There will be NO coaching for the active player (When the opposing team has completed their inning at the table, the incoming shooter may no longer discuss the shot with team mates)
  • As a registered player, you agree to be photographed and/or filmed during the event
  • Template racks ARE permitted. However, the opposing team must be permitted to use yours if one is not available to them
  • There will be a 1 game penalty for every 10 minutes a full team is late for their match.
  • Each player will be permitted a maximum of 5 minute washroom break per match. No smoke breaks.
  • Most importantly: Let’s have fun!!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Mike Silvius – Tymey Roofing: $ 750
Blair Wentzel – Quolus: $500
Larry Anderson: Sutton Premier Realty: $250

Jose Lazaro: Metro Coffee Bar & Billiards: Table time
Colin Sheil – Kikin Billiards: $250 & Commentary