How Does it Work?

Below are samples of scoreboards that will be used for the challenge match.

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Maximum handicap is 28 points

& Lag every match for break

How does it work?

The Kings of the Hill (KOH) challenge match is a series of short sets of 3, 4, 5 and a final tie breaker race to 2 if necessary where points are accumulated for each game won. Winning a set of games does not earn any points, but is rather a point at which to end the set.
The handicap is added to the lower fargo teams’ running total to get an actual score for the match. The score will be kept by the challenge director.
The winners of the match will be crowned Kings of the Hill for that week. The following scheduled match will take the next challenger at the top of the Challengers list. The winners will then receive their challenge entry back and the other half will be put towards the Kings entry for the next challenge. Reigning Kings will continue to collect challenge fee of opponent for every subsequent match thereafter. In other words, winners collect $300 ($350 – $50 admin) each match, but only challengers pay entry.
If a team relinquishes their title as KOH, the next two challengers on the list will play for the title.

Scotch Triples

The newly introduced scotch triples event will be a race to 5. Just as in scotch doubles each player on the team will rotate every shot. Any member may begin their team’s turn at the table, however the order used must be the same as on your team list (1, 2 & 3). If player 2 starts, player 3 must follow or if player 3 starts player 1 must follow.


How many teams can join?
There is no cap currently on how many entries we will take. This is on-going, so the next registered team will be slotted into the next available time-slot on the schedule.
Can we put our name in now to hold our spot and pay later?
Unfortunately this is a first paid, first played basis. So the earlier you get your profiles, registration and entry fee in, the sooner you will play
What if we just want to play one week?
As Kings of the Hill you are not obligated to continue defending your crown. You may relinquish the crown with a minimum one week notice and the next two teams in line will play for the title.
Can I get a refund?
Refunds unfortunately will not be issued, however if your team is unable to participate, we will gladly honour your entry fee and move your team to the bottom of the registered list.