How to register

Only team captains will need to register, but all team members must create a player profile to participate.
•   To register, begin by creating a player profile for yourself if you have not done so already
•   Have your other team members complete the player profile form. This is required for everyone to play.
•   Send a photo of yourself (head shot – only your head) to

Please do not send photos of your pet, full body pics or anything inappropriate. We will otherwise find a suitable replacement.

•  Next, complete the team registration form and select your other players
If you do not have your other players, you may still register. However, you must submit all team members at least one week before your match date otherwise you may be moved down the list. Also, you will as captain need to let us know which player profile needs to be added to your team roster by email.
•  E-transfer entry fee to
•  When you send your entry fee, please use your team name as the password with your phone number with no spaces (Cabbagepatchkids6047573383)
•  Once payment is received you will be contacted with your scheduled date of play.
•  If you do not see your team on the Registered List / Schedule within a week, please email us.