Kings of the Hill

– 3 on 3 Challenge Match –


The Kings of the hill 3 on 3 challenge was created as a vehicle to promote billiards within the Greater Vancouver area and beyond. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Pacific and WestCoast cup who have adopted the Mosconi style format, Kings of the hill seeks to include and level the playing field for all wishing to participate. This event is designed to be completed within 3-5 hours as a multi-format/multi-disciplined mini-mosconi challenge match. As this is an ongoing bi-weekly (possibly weekly) event, the idea is to see who will reign as Kings of the hill the longest!
Get a team of 3 together, complete the player profile,
register & get your entry fee in to challenge for the throne!

Key features of this event:


•   3 players per team
•   Handicapped (Fargo differential calculated at time of play)
•   Minimum robustness of 200 games
•   Multiple games (eight, nine and ten ball)
•   Triple Scotch
To get a better idea for how it works, please see: How it works